True to Ho Bee Land’s core principle—”Built to Last”—we believe in creating a sustainable environment for our future generations.


By incorporating sustainable practices into our businesses, Ho Bee Land delivers the best value to all stakeholders in terms of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues. Find out more about our commitment to sustainability through our annual Sustainability Reports here.

Pillars of Sustainability

Ho Bee Land’s five-pronged approach provides a roadmap for employees to work towards sustainable value creation.

Enhancing Economic Value
Enhanced profitability, value creation, distribution, and retention for shareholders

Contributing to a Sustainable Environment
Mitigating our environmental footprint.

Developing our People
Talent management strategy and practices.

Enriching our communities
Giving back to society through our philanthropic efforts.
Strengthening Corporate Governance
Compliance with applicable laws and regulations including ethics, integrity and anti corruption.
Sustainability Governance

In FY2023, a sustainability committee was set up at board level to strengthen oversight of the company’s ESG strategies and initiatives. Responsible for the company’s long-term success, The Board works closely with the sustainability committee and management team to ensure that ESG goals are monitored and being reviewed on an ongoing basis. This includes ensuring that a risk management system has been established.

Green Finance Framework

Aligned to four core components of the Green Bond Principles 2021 and Green Loan Principles 2023, Ho Bee Land’s Green Finance Framework enables our teams to deliver maximum sustainability impact. Read our full Green Finance Framework here and Moody’s Second Party Opinion assessment here.

Use of Proceeds

This is aligned with the Green Bond and Green Loan Principles, under the five eligible categories: financing of green buildings, renewable energy, energy efficiency in buildings, sustainable waste management, and sustainable water management. This will lead to positive environmental impacts and advance the UN Sustainable Development Goals 3, 6, 7, 11 and 12.

Project Evaluation & Selection

Ho Bee Land has a dedicated working group for project selection and evaluation including senior managers from the project team, sustainability department, and treasury department. Aligned with market practice, the company’s sustainable steering committee is responsible for the final decision on the selected eligible projects.

Management of Proceeds

Ho Bee Land’s processes for management of proceeds are aligned with market practices. The company has an internal register to track the green finance transaction and intends to invest unallocated proceeds according to its Treasury’s general liquidity guidelines for short-term investments.


Allocation of proceeds are recorded annually via Ho Bee Land’s sustainability reports. In line with market practice, the company is also committed to reporting on the impact of the eligible projects, including the number of green building certifications obtained, amount of energy and water saved, and CO2 or other GHG avoided.